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Discover a New Dimension of Cannabis

Discover SOMACAN, a Moroccan pioneer in legal cannabis.
Explore refined products for a unique experience. Unlock the potential of cannabis.

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Explore the Journey of Cannabis

Dive into the fascinating journey of cannabis, from the tiny seed to the elegant end product. Discover each step of our meticulous process that ensures quality and purity at every stage.

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Explore Our Products

Explore our exclusive range of legal cannabis products. From unique strains to diverse sensory experiences, dive into our selection that reinvents the world of cannabis.

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Deep expertise dedicated to excellence, ensuring outstanding results at every step.

Specialized Chemistry Team

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About Us

Medical Cannabis

SOMACAN, the first Moroccan agricultural company specializing in legal cannabis cultivation under Law No. 13/21, collaborates with 12 cooperatives—10 in Taounate, one in Al Hoceima, and one in Chefchaouen—cultivating across a combined area of approximately 150 hectares.


Investment Protocols

An agreement, signed with SOMACAN, pertains to the establishment of a pharmaceutical cannabis processing unit in the Ain Cheggag Industrial Park (Sefrou Province). Spanning an area of 6,000 square meters, this unit will require an investment of 60 million MAD, with the creation of 100 direct jobs.


Cannabis Process

Explore the Key Steps in Cannabis-Based Product Production


The journey begins with the selection of high-quality seeds. The choice of seeds is crucial because ...


Germination is the magical moment when the selected seeds come out of their dormancy and transform ...


Once the seeds are selected, the next step is to choose the best ones for planting. This involves ...


As the seedlings grow, they may need to be transported to their designated growing area. This step ...


Blossoming is a crucial stage in the plant’s life cycle. It is during this phase that the plant displays ...


Harvesting is the meticulous process of cutting and collecting mature cannabis buds. This step requires ...


After harvesting, freshly cut cannabis buds need to be gradually dried in a controlled environment ...


Processing involves transforming the dried buds into various products. Trimming involves removing ...


Processed cannabis is used to create a range of products. Dried flower is traditionally smoked ...


Our projects include state-of-the-art facilities manufacturing cannabis and its derivatives. From cultivation to creation, we are redefining cannabis production with a focus on quality and innovation
Sahl Boutaher Plant
Ain Cheggag Plant
Project with INRA
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