About us

Pioneering legal cannabis cultivation in Morocco. 150 hectares cultivated, cosmetic and medical labs in Taounate and Fes.

SOMACAN is leading the way in legal cannabis cultivation in Morocco, with a commitment to responsible growth and innovation.

Who are we?

Our History

SOMACAN, the first Moroccan agricultural company specializing in legal cannabis cultivation under Law No. 13/21, collaborates with 12 cooperatives—10 in Taounate, one in Al Hoceima, and one in Chefchaouen—cultivating across a combined area of approximately 150 hectares.

The company is in the process of building two factories, one in Taounate dedicated to cosmetics and another in Fes for medical applications. Beyond cannabis cultivation, SOMACAN aspires to be a success story by adhering to legal standards and promoting environmental sustainability. Focused on quality and innovation, the company contributes to the country’s economic development while offering premium cannabis products catering to the aesthetic and medical needs of consumers.

SOMACAN is also committed to opening new opportunities for the cannabis industry in Morocco, creating jobs and supporting local communities in the regions where it operates. Through its dedication to excellence and regulatory compliance, SOMACAN is poised to advance the cannabis cultivation sector in Morocco while adhering to the strictest ethical and legal standards.

Our Missions

Shaping the Future of Cannabis

We are committed to creating a positive impact through our key missions.

Cannabis Transformation and Industrialization

We strive to transform and industrialize cannabis by creating innovative and high-quality products

Marketing of Cannabis and its Products

Our mission is to make cannabis-based products available to the public in a transparent and responsible manner.

Export of Cannabis and its Products

We aim to expand our reach by exporting cannabis and its derivatives, thereby contributing to global recognition of Moroccan quality.

Our Objective

Our Transformative Commitment

Its objective is to transform cannabis for esthetic or medical purposes into five products


CBD flower is a variation of cannabis rich in CBD, offering beneficial effects without psychotropic effects

Cannabis resin

Cannabis resin is a concentrated form of cannabis trichomes, which are the resin glands containing cannabinoids and terpenes

Full Spectrum Oil

Full Spectrum oil is extracted from cannabis with numerous cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial compounds from the plant

Broad Spectrum Oil

Broad Spectrum oil undergoes an additional refinement process to remove THC while retaining several other cannabinoids and terpenes


These isolates are often used to create precise formulations, as they allow for controlled dosing of specific cannabinoids